Would you like to purchase these 109 photos to promote your Laughter Yoga activities? You can order them here: Order – Laughter Yoga Photo Support Package 2018
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The need:
Creating a homepage or a flyer requires meaningful, engaging photos to make people curious about Laughter Yoga.

The problem:
It’s maybe hard to take really good pictures by yourself. Furthermore, you usually do not really secure yourself legally from the photographed persons. For example: a colleague recently had to pay € 1000 „punishment“ (fee-based warning by a lawyer).
Photos that you can download for free on portals may not be used commercially. So even if you look at it differently, a laughter club, for which you ask for a 2-3 € (on a voluntary donation basis), possibly, is legally speaking, possibly a commercial event. Even with pictures that you buy in portals, the legal situation is doubtful, especially with the „standard license“. For example, in the „fine print“ you can often find that the photographed person should not give the impression of using the advertised service or product. There would be no problem to use laughing people in a flyer for organic products. But with laughing people on a Laughter Yoga flyer there is indeed the „suspicion“ suggesting that the people may make Laughter Yoga! An extended license, which does not cause a problem, is usually very expensive. At a reputable provider only 6 pictures currently cost 24 € with the „standard license“. The extended license costs three times the amount, which is 72 €! Thus: CAUTION when using such photos or it can cost you a lot of money!

The solution:
For several years now, I have become the „Laughter Yoga photographer“. Many of my photos of the congresses are known (see IMPRESSIONS).Now I have come up with the following idea: I produce meaningful, semi-professional photos that any Laughter Yoga instructor / trainer can use legally (!) for advertising and public relations. As part of an extensive „model release contract“, the photographed individuals have agreed that I can sell the photos to Laughter Yoga instructors / instructors / trainers who may use the photos to promote Laughter Yoga, Laughter Therapy, and so on. These photos may not be used for other services / products. Over 30 people took part in the first photo shooting session. Actually, only about 40 photos should be created, and there were now 109 photos (see the gallery above). These can be purchased in high and low (Internet) resolution in the so-called „Laughter Yoga Photo Support Package 2018.“ The package even includes text files (contract templates, handout, bibliography), but only in German language.

The order:
The package costs you only 35 € / 40 US $ (data will be provided via download link) or 45 € / 52 US $, if you would like to have the data sent to you on a data DVD by post mailing. If you would like to purchase the package, please print out the following form: Order – Laughter Yoga Photo Support Package 2018. Then fill it out and send it to me as a PDF scan by e-mail, fax or post mailing. If this does not work, write me an informal e-mail to info@lachyoga-sonne.de 

The future:
There will be more photos / packages. For example, a shoot with the theme „Laughter Yoga in Business“, and other topics are in planning.